To look within means acknowledging that in order to change the world around us, we must first change the world within us.  In the wake of a changing world dominated by division and judgment, LOOKWITHiN strives to put people's attention on their personal journey and to discover their role in making a better world.  We are here to break away from labels that we've been assigned, as well as those we've imposed on others. 



  1. We can choose out of judgment, labels, and division and put our attention where it really matters; on living with open minds, open hearts, and open arms.

  2. Vulnerability means acknowledging there are always improvements we can make to ourselves.

  3. We have an obligation to be the best versions of ourselves and heal the wounds that hold us back.

  4.  We will not allow ourselves to be defined by others, we will define ourselves.


Our goal is to spark a movement that inspires people to listen, understand, and find common ground; seeing others for what they truly are; an individual on their journey capable of making a difference in the world.