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Welcome to the new Lookwithin blog! Thanks for reading, and look out for much more content about music, fashion, mindfulness, and self discovery.

In further exploring the foundations, inspiration, and vision of Lookwithin, co-founders Jaden Kim and Noah Zaidspiner sit down with a close friend, Eric Mckenzie, to give insight to our followers. Here was their chat about music, clothes, society, and perspective.

What is Lookwithin?

Jaden: Lookwithin is a brand that encourages people to change the world by changing themselves. We believe that the best way forward is not to focus on trying to change our external reality, where we often have little influence, but our internal one, where we can find complete control. Through clothing, art, and music we aim to bring people together and start a movement of love, peace, and self-reflection.

Noah: By learning about our own reactions, habits, and bias, we can be better for the world around us. We promote these values with an open heart. Working to inspire change on a global scale.

Why was Lookwithin founded?

Jaden: At this point in history, we are extremely divided. People blame their problems on others and divide into “teams” to fight for dominance in a hierarchy. One of the goals of Lookwithin is to abolish this outdated and ineffective way of organization and remind people that as humans, we are all part of the same family.

Noah: The human experience is a shared consciousness, and when some suffer, we all suffer. We decided to start a brand and create clothing to promote the societal normalcy of self-betterment. One that is aimed at taking the minds of wealthy, more educated humans and changing the focus of their lives from greed to love. When you truly look within, you realize happiness is not money nor status, but rather what we make of our experiences.

As artists, what is the importance of your brand.

Jaden: An artist’s brand reflects what they value. We want to promote true individuality. That means embracing our similarities and celebrating our differences. If we want peace in society, we should find peace in ourselves. We hope to give back and work with other companies after we move past our launching stage. Having a brand that represents our values for our music listeners to support is really important to us.

Noah: LookwithiN is not just a clothing company, our music speaks for the brand as much as the clothes speaks for us as artists. Our goal with both is simple, to inspire people to look within. We represent a younger generation of free thinkers who don’t stand for the oppression and greed that has plagued our world since its inception. We hope many come and walk with us hand in hand towards a better tomorrow.

When are new clothes dropping?

Noah: Soon. Stay locked in and checking our social media pages. Spread the word to your friends and family!

Jaden: Definitely something within the month. You will be seeing a lot more consistency coming from our brand in the near future and beyond. It’s going to be wild.

Where do you see Lookwithin going?

Jaden: Big things. Representing more artists and their music. Broadening our reach to more people. Huge projects and collaborations. We NEVER stop thinking big.

Noah: Lookwithin wants to start a cultural revolution. Celebrating our differences and embracing our similarities. Opening the minds of millions through musical projects, shows, new ways to think of clothing designs, and collaborating with some of the worlds most beautiful souls. We all look to latch on to something, but together as a society we can let go of that notion and evolve to solving problems and inevitable crisis in a logical way.

What do you want to say to those out there reading?

Noah: Hit us up! For collaborations in the Miami area for the time being. But in the near future we’ll be getting around the country and spreading our message.

Jaden: A big part of our long term vision is giving back to our communities, and as we progress as a brand we will be rolling out large projects and events. So don’t be a stranger! Reach out and come support us, we absolutely cherish our starter stage fans. All love!

Special thanks to Eric Mckenzie for being a part of this chat. Lookwithin appreciates your engagement and support through our new blog along with our Instagram page.

Go check out our artists on all streaming platforms, Jaden Kim and noah jesse.

New clothing drop: SOON!

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